What we Do  &  How we Do it 

1) The Marketing Mix Approach 

Product - Place - Price - Promotion 

We Coach 

We Educate 

We Empower

and Your Business Grow.


At Style by Definition we believe in the philosophy that a business must be adaptable with their industry changes.

A business must be flexible and open minded to implement and adjust with those changes in order stay relevant, ahead of the competition with a business model that remains true to their core mission and product. 

We base our expertise work on the  Marketing Mix that provides the foundation to achieve competitive advantage. We believe that new changes if implemented right can positively improve the growth of the business.

2) Our Promotion Collaboration

Style by Definition is a digital marketing and promotional shopping search platform for everything fashion and lifestyle.


Our space provides a unique browsing platform offering possibilities to make the online shoppers shopping experiences much more relaxed and enjoyable when they browse for potentials product through our platform. So it is that simple:




Then with a click we take you where to buy it.


All product images displayed on our site and the various advertising and promotional contents featured on our site are legally authorised and provided via our affiliations agreements from all the brands, premium, young, established and certified retailers.

So each time a shopper ultimately decide to purchase a product or service mentioned on our site, with one click on a product link he|she will be directed to  party owned and operated websites where he|she can purchase the affiliate products.

Furthermore we work hard in keeping all the information accurate of all products and services mentioned, reviewed or recommended by Style by Definition on this Site.




Are you a brand or retailer? With Style by Definition your brands will make uniques connections with new potentials consumers, new audiences and acquire new customers which will help contribute in your business growth. 

Should you have any questions, comments or concerns and would like to receive an answer or ask a question prior to purchasing any product or service mentioned on our site, you can contact us using the following email: info@stylebydefinition.com 

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